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pistacia atlantica gum Wholesalers and suppliers

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pistacia atlantica gum PropertiesWhere pistacia atlantica grows?Suitable weather for turpentine gumTurpentine gum producerspistacia atlantica gum Wholesale pricespistacia atlantica gum Wholesalers in Iran

Today, turpentine is a type of artificial turpentine that is used to soften the mouth, treat it, or take advantage of its potential benefits. Cheongam was widely used in Iran in the past. Current Cheongam ingredients include gum base (2%), sweetener (2%), strong sweetener (1.2%), plasticizer (2%), corn syrup (2%), the aroma (2), the aroma (2). ) And edible color. People have been chewing for thousands of years. The original was made from real pistachio chewing gum like Popper or Manila, but the most modern pistachio chewing gum is made from synthetic rubber. We want to talk about pistacia atlantica gum.

pistacia atlantica gum Wholesalers and suppliers

pistacia atlantica gum Properties

pistacia atlantica gum PropertiesPistachio or cormorant is a special pistachio that occurs in certain parts of our country. The pistachio fruit is a stem, the brain is oily and consumed in the form of seeds, but its hard shell damages the teeth. The outer skin of the fruit is partly young, green and red in color and is harvested in mid-May. It should be explained that pistachios are a kind of natural turpentine known as saqir, which contains many useful substances and compounds and has many health benefits.

The following link is recommended to get acquainted with the properties of turpentine. Pistachio or corm, dark green and spherical. Properties of pistachio are almost equal to nuts. Its brain is similar to pistachio but smaller. Pistachio is almost similar to nuts.

1. Properties of corm or pistachio:

• One of the properties of pistachio is the treatment of anemia. Those who have anemia can eat this fruit in cooking, for example to eliminate anemia from corms in local foods such as curd instead of walnuts from corms. Be it.

• The use of corm fruit is effective in enhancing sexual potency. People with mild bone disease also want to eat from corm.

• Cormorant is effective in relieving back pain, back pain and colic and cormorant is excellent in treating severe swelling and wounds and because it is rich in vitamins A and B and D, it strengthens the nerves. It also treats lip cracks and prevents congestion and is effective in preventing osteoporosis. Corm can be used to treat all types of stomach worms. Pistachio is effective for treating frequent urination and dropping it.

2. Mastic properties for skin and hair:

  • One of the most important properties of pistachio is the treatment of wounds on the skin. It reduces inflammation and is effective in healing wounds. It is interesting to know that insect bites can be prevented by biting the pistachio seeds. It is also used to increase nail resistance. It can be cured by leaving the pistachio infused with olive oil. A great mask for the skin can be provided using pistachios. Therefore, it is necessary to grind the pistachio and turn it into a paste with some water and put on the skin. To eliminate the clogging, put the corm on the lunar eclipse and repeat it until the clogging was eradicated. It is also effective for baldness and can be used to smooth the sound of corm oil.

3. Weight gain with pistachio:

  • Pistachio has a lot of calories however its use does not increase weight but by mixing it with peanuts, almonds and pistachios and powdering this mixture and then mixing it with some sugar and form Eating daily will increase weight.

4. Strengthen nerves with pistachios:

  • Pistachio is effective in strengthening nerves and is also helpful in boosting memory. Elderly people can prevent Alzheimer’s disease by using pistachio halva. Nutrition can be obtained from a mixture of pistachio and sugar. Grind a few pistachios to powder and then add a tablespoon of sugar and serve.

10 pistacia atlantica benefits:

1. Pistachio contains all the minerals needed by the body (iodine, iron, zinc, manganese, potassium,…) all amino acids as well as a very useful oil that cleanses the veins.

2. Wild pistachio oil can be used instead of ostrich oil for massage and joint pain, which is cheaper.

3. You can pour wild pistachio oil on the salad with the minerals added to your salad.

4. For kids and teens growing up, make delicious pistachio oil to eat with interest.

5. Cookers can use wild pistachios such as college whey which is both cheaper and healthier because the whey is cold and sluggish but the pistachio is warm and tasty.

6. Pregnant women should use pistachio feed to strengthen their body.

7. In our world, where almost all foods are highly toxic, pistachios are a very organic thing.

8. Pistachio – This fruit is useful for patients with paralysis, rash, multiple sclerosis and weakness of body.

9. Wild pistachios increase energy and are therefore useful for cancer prevention.

10. Those looking for high-energy protein can use pistachios.

Pistacia atlantica subsp. Kurdica (PAK) is distributed throughout the Zagros Mountains and is indigenous to Kurdistan province in western Iran. This study focused on the composition and thermal properties of gum extracted from female and male trees from six regions of Kurdistan province. Significant differences were detected in the total protein, total ash, total carbohydrate and monosaccharaide contents according to gender and geographic region, but no significant difference was found for moisture content.

Where pistacia atlantica grows?

Its height has also reached up to 3 or 5 meters. In some mountainous areas, such as Kurdistan of Iran, it is called “Qazvan” fruit, which is used to flavor animal yogurt and oil, as well as to make pickles. The cormorant tree is the source of the production of turpentine juice.

Saqqez, in the Kurdish dialect of Baneh, is a very light, thick, and very sticky green turpentine that is widely used in medicine and is used as a powerful laxative in the treatment of constipation and gastrointestinal disorders. 3% of turpentine syrup contains high quality industrial oil of tarbantine which is widely used in industry. In addition, turpentine syrup is used in the manufacture of pistacia atlantica gum, perfumes, fragrances, insecticides and in the pharmaceutical industry in the preparation of softeners and disinfectants.

In addition, it is used in the plastics, wax, leather and printing industries. Due to the lack of appropriate conversion industries, most of the turquoise produced in Iran is exported overseas and is used as a base material for many of the above industries. Although there are no exact statistics on the number of corm trees in Baneh, their number is estimated at between two and three thousand.

On average, one to three grams of turmeric is obtained per tree, which is even higher in the right conditions and in rainy years. The cormorants are often found in oak mixed with oak trees in the villages of Kani-sur, Siayoumah, Darineh, Bashavan, Bennage, Hamzalan, whiskey, rashki, khajak and others.

The fruit of this tree is ripened and consumed at the same time as the “Zomardan” dates. The immature type of this fruit, eaten raw without the need to break the shell (before the hardening of the shell), is called mastic or local dialect in Sarvestan area. Also known in the local dialect in the reed region is the cormorant, the fruit is small and spherical, “spherical” and dark-green in color, and is known as Berkow. There is, of course, another type that is a bit smaller and is known as “Cohn”.

The cord fruit is similar to pistachio, but much smaller. Due to the hardness of its seed skin, under normal conditions it cannot be produced by planting it, but its seed germinates in the spring after several years of being in the environment and crusting or cracking in the frost. Its fruit is sour and dark green.

The native tree is an area where only a few other tree species grow, which has led to a local decrease in the number of trees in its natural habitat. Today, it is mostly found in mountainous areas of Iran. The tree is often used as a stand for Pistacia vera, which produces pistachio nuts. Resin and oil are edible tree fruits and used in traditional medicine, perfume and alcohol. The tree has also been planted as a beautiful tree for the park alongside roads near the Black Sea in warm North American regions. In addition, the tree is used for forests and to prevent soil erosion on steep slopes.

In Hormozgan and the outskirts of Bandar Abbas they have been called Kasoudang and in Bushehr Kolkhong. In Ilam it is called Qolang and in Kurdistan it is called Qazwan. In Turkey it is called “Melengic”. It is commercially packaged, sold, and exported to other countries. In parts of Iran, the ripe fruit of the cormorant is poured into the boiling water after grinding, producing a food called cormorant juice. In Kerman province, this food is called “bun qat”.

Corm is a very hot cereal and because of its oiliness, it is high in fat and of course energy. Turmeric is an economically valuable product of mastic trees. Turmeric is one of the turpentines that has many medicinal, edible and industrial properties and is also used in traditional medicine.

Suitable weather for turpentine gum

Suitable weather for turpentine gumorganic turpentine is an oil made from the distillation of pine trees and garlic from broad-leaved family trees. And has pharmaceutical and industrial applications. Their organic matter is from the terpenes group and has a different molecular structure.

Terbanthine is a mixture of bicyclic hydrocarbons of formula C10H16. Pistachio is one of the earliest sources of turpentine, but most pine trees such as Korean pine, Mediterranean pine, black pine, western pine and sumatra have this pest. Terbanthin can both be obtained from the degradation distillation of chopped pieces of wood, and can also be obtained from the distillation collected from the tree. Industrial refinery methods are also used in its preparation and synthesis.

Appearance of Trebantine:

  • Its sap is made by slitting the trunk of the tree and removing the water and its impurities to obtain tarbetin. Trebantins often have similar physical properties. They are usually liquid, translucent yellowish-green or agate red, with a pungent odor. The nature of tarbetin is cold and dry.

Turpentine gum producers

For centuries, turpentine gum has been used to cleanse the mouth or breathe aroma. The first pistacia atlantica gum method was invented 1869 years ago (135 years ago), and 59 years later, in year 1928, pistacia atlantica gums were added to get the drug to chew the consumer.

Artificial sweeteners such as saccharin, aspartame, ace sulfam and cyclamate are often used to flavor turpentine gums today. The amount of such sweeteners in substances such as certain sweeteners, including diet drinks and gums, is not high enough to exceed the limit and therefore does not pose a threat to consumers.

Pistacia atlantica gum resin as one of the most attractive snacks with its unique characteristics has gained a good market. In our country, pistacia atlantica gum is high and many producers are working in the field, but unfortunately domestic production does not meet the needs of the market and most of it is supplied by foreign countries. Here are the benefits of pistacia atlantica gum and introducing you to turpentine gum ingredients. We hope that as an opportunity to choose, our product will appeal to your loved ones and the information available will make this turpentine gum useful for you.

pistacia atlantica gum Wholesale prices

pistacia atlantica gum Wholesale pricespistacia atlantica for sale:

  • Major sales of pistacia atlantica turpentine gum are underway in some agencies in the country, making it possible to purchase large volumes of this product at reasonable prices. Proper raw materials strive to produce the highest quality natural gum in a way that makes it easier for the digestive tract to function so consuming this mastic gum, which is also widely sold to anyone with indigestion Suffering, it is recommended. If you buy this product in bulk, the price will be amazing.

pistacia atlantica gum Wholesalers in Iran

Since the pistacia atlantica gum of this brand has high demand in our market, so the best way to sell turpentine gum directly with quality assurance will be to use the internet for presentation and marketing. In introducing our best selling pistacia atlantica gum, we can refer to the turpentine gum, which has the highest import of this brand.

Therefore, the best marketplace created to buy genuine turpentine gum wholesalers was available to customers from all cities to make their major purchases in each city through this site. turpentine spirit gum is one of the other products marketed in the country which, given the high profit margin of this product, we can see that it is possible to carry out profitable commercial activities by wholesale and distribution in cities.

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