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Most Famous Iran gum suppliers

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Different Iran Gum typesBest Iran gum ManufacturersIran gum FactoriesTop 5 Brands of GumsFamous Iran Gum SuppliersIran Mastic Gum Price List

You may have heard time and again about the benefits or harm of gum for oral hygiene, though we often spend all kinds of time buying gum. This has been a factor for the company to take advantage of, and to step up to, the economic value-added of this delicious chewing gum. We will talk about the most famous chewing Iran gum.

Most Famous Iran gum suppliers

Different Iran Gum types

Different Iran Gum types

In the past, chewing gum was made of gum, poplar, van (turpentine) and so on, chewing it with a cool, fragrant mouth and cleaning the teeth. Over time, ingredients such as sugar, essential oils, dyes and additives such as emollients, bleach, polishers and preservatives have been added to herbal gums and chewing gum today. The market is not made of gum trees. Because gum is very expensive, it is not economically feasible to use in mass production, and some Iranian chewing gum manufacturers replace these gums with plastic polymers, paraffins, and beeswax. mastic resin is a synthetic chewing gum used to change the taste of the mouth or eliminate bad breath. It has long been called gum sauces. The gum is derived from a personal name called Mark Adams on gums. It was written in ancient gum iran. Mastic gum is the same as the turmeric flavored gum. Balloon gum, resin gum:These chewing gums have a firm consistency and most children use them to inflate and produce bubbles. Most of these chewing gums are pink, have a distinctive taste and are more viscous than regular chewing gums due to their high elasticity.

The firm consistency of these chewing gums causes additional pressure on the jaw as it squeezes between the teeth and the bubble, causing irritation and joint pain.On the other hand, false stimulation of the salivary glands can lead to a false sense of thirst in children, so keep children away from this type of chewing. Cinnamon gum, odorant or turpentine gum:About 5% of bad breath is due to sinusitis and hunger. When hungry, the stinky gases from the fermented food accumulate outside the stomach and inside the mouth, causing bad breath. Organic pure gum turpentine should be chewed in the mouth for only 5 minutes. After 5 minutes of chewing, the oral microorganisms accumulate on the gum, which should not be consumed after this period. Researchers have found that peppermint and cinnamon are two flavors that, due to their strong antibacterial properties, kill the bacteria producing odorous gases and, by affecting the taste buds, make the consumer feel cool and happy. But it is good to know that cinnamon can cause oral sensitization and burns, causing redness and redness in some people, especially children. With the cessation of cinnamon gum, these symptoms will heal.

Sugar-free gum:Unlike their names, these chewing gums are not sugar-free. In their composition, substituted natural sugars such as isomalt, xylitol, sorbitol, mannitol and artificial sugars such as aspartame and acesulfame potassium are replaced. Among the weakened sugars, xylitol is the best sweetener that is not degraded or fermented by the oral bacteria and does not cause tooth decay and calcium and phosphate removal due to lack of acid. The absorption rate of this sugar in the body is low and does not require insulin to absorb.

Is it true that chewing gum will reduce tooth decay?

Chewing gum-free caries and xylitol-free gums in addition to eliminating carbohydrate-containing sugars and carbohydrates eliminates microbial access to the nutrients needed for their growth and life, preventing microbial proliferation as well as increasing flow Saliva reduces tooth decay. Organic turpentine is an indigestible compound that passes through the gastrointestinal tract without any changes and is eventually excreted after a few days. Research has shown that if children start chewing sugar-free gum a year before the first permanent tooth eruption, their tooth decay will be significantly reduced. Also, long-term use of chewing gum containing artificial sugars such as aspartame and …, phosphorus from the brain, calcium from bones and teeth, sodium from muscles and oxygen from the stomach and harmful to health. Excessive consumption of chewing gum containing low natural sugar also has a laxative effect and can cause diarrhea. Remember, diabetic patients should consume all sugar-free products under the supervision of their doctor. Fluoride gum:Fluoride is often found in the composition of most sugar-free gums. It strengthens tooth decay with enamel strength and greatly reduces the amount of oral fermenting bacteria.

Nicotine-gum, especially for smokers:Nicotine-chewing gums are a form of medicine and are known as smoking cessation gums. These chewing gums are intended for smokers and are contraindicated for children, nonsmokers and pregnant and lactating women. Chewing gum is different from the usual chewing gum. Nicotine-chewing gums should be cooked in such a way that the taste is fully felt. They then move to the gingiva and cheek area. In this case, the nicotine released from the gum slowly absorbs through the oral mucosa and relaxes the person. When nicotine is fully absorbed, the taste of the gum is less palatable and needs to be chewed again. Swallowing gum:Teach your children to chew gum with their mouths closed and not chew gum out of their mouths while chewing. Many children swallow sweet gum and fruit essence after it finishes and cause concern for their parents, but you should know that, contrary to popular belief, chewing gum does not cause stomach and intestinal adhesions and does not dissolve.

Gum is an indigestible compound that passes through the gastrointestinal tract without any changes and is eventually eliminated after a few days. However, in children who swallowed several gums at the same time, the gastrointestinal tract may be blocked. Another danger is the entry or jump of this chewing into the trachea of ​​juveniles who are unable to properly control their respiratory and swallowing tracts. Just chew gum for 5 minutes:The gum should be chewed in the mouth for only 5 minutes. After 5 minutes of chewing, the oral microorganisms accumulate on the gum, which should not be consumed after this period. Chewing gum causes the secretion of digestive juices and stimulates various secretions of the gastrointestinal tract to better digest food. Chewing gum also increases salivary secretions, and this increase in salivary secretions prevents the formation of dental plaques caused by the adhesion of food to the teeth.

Best Iran gum Manufacturers

Chewing gum is a lovely and fancy product that goes back more than a thousand years. In the past, chewing gum did not exist today, and natural ingredients were used as chewing gum. Commercialization of gum began in 1850, and the products were available in a variety of designs and flavors. Chewing gum is now an artificial chewing product that has many uses. Chewing gums, along with mouth fresheners, are used to relieve the unpleasant odor of breathing or to change the taste and taste of the mouth. Chewing gum production in Iran goes back to the 30’s. Roasted chewing gum is one of the first older brands to produce this chewable product. At present, chewing gum is widely accepted in Iran. Years ago, the flavor of gum was very low and limited to a few flavors, such as banana, mint, and strawberry. Today, reputable Iranian brands have been able to market their products in a variety of flavors and stylish packaging and compete with well-known foreign brands such as Trident, Orbit, and Five.

Chewing gum, like other food products, has its benefits. Chewing too much gum can cause headaches and, under certain circumstances, cause jaw and mouth problems. The sugar in the gum destroys the plaque and causes tooth decay. The benefits of chewing gum include focusing and enhancing decision-making power. Chewing gum helps relieve stress and boost metabolism. Get chewing gum if you plan to quit smoking. Mouthwash is another product found alongside chewing gum in the Iranian food basket. This product is used to relieve the unpleasant taste of the mouth and the unpleasant odor of breath. Tablet deodorants are offered in various flavors such as orange, honey, peppermint, etc. Make oral fresheners in two types of pills and sprays online at Dodge. On this page of our products you can find all kinds of gum and mouth freshener. Online shopping allows you to view and compare different types of chewing gum and diet chewing products and mouth fresheners on one page.

Iran gum Factories

Iran gum Factories

The following materials are used in Adams production plants in Iran:

The main and primary components of gum are:

1. Base gum

2. Sugar

3. Essence

4. Polishing

To produce chewing gum, you must first start with Base. Base Chewing gum is a stiff white material that has various components. Bases imported from foreign countries must be tested and approved by the laboratory’s quality control authorities and entered the production line. Base has different shapes.

• Thick and thin baseboards, which are easier to use in manual production because of their ease of use.

• Fuse-shaped bases.

• Chickpeas and circular bases that are used for easier weighing and use in the mechanized industry.

• Base is a combination of organic matter. That is, resin compounds. Chickel gum / minerals used in Iran only for calcium carbonate and in foreign countries for use with calc powder / / Gum or fille.

• Heat the mixture at high temperature to 60-70 ° C in the mixer and then mold to cool. In this case Base is ready to be used. The mixer temperature must be adjusted. If the Base heats up more then it will break down and if it is lower it will not melt.

Then Base is prepared, mixing the essential oils and glucose. The glucose used will soften the gum. In order to sweeten the gum, it must be powdered. Otherwise, sugar crystals will cause problems while chewing gum. Bake the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes and pour into a machine called Extuder. It’s like a meat grinder. The mixture is removed from the outlet of the machine and adjusted by 4 thick rollers. For ordinary chewing gum it is thicker and for stick or flat gum, the dough is completely thin. It also has a metal detector. If the machine detects a metal as it passes the dough, the machine breaks down and the worker cuts the dough off the line.

The gum paste is then eaten by blades, horizontal and vertical cuts and divided into slices. They then insert the resulting laminate into the wooden plates to transfer them. They are then placed in refrigerators at temperatures below 15 ° C for 10 to 15 hours depending on the environmental conditions to be hardened. In this part the first step is completed.

In the second stage, the prepared pieces are poured into the drag boilers. These boilers are large rotary containers, which are blown into the air by a large tube. In addition, inside these boilers are plastic balls about the size of a tennis ball that hit the gum while rotating the container and separate them from each other so that they do not cling to each other while pouring the syrup on them. After removing the gum slices, transfer it back to the refrigerator. To make the glossy composition on the gum, first boil the water and then add it to the saturated sugar to give it a consistency. At this point it is not important to make sugar into powder. Because it dissolves in water and does not cause any problems. For added consistency, we add the CMC powder (Carboccy Metilen Celulose). It is a white powder that is poured into boiling water to form a jelly. They are then added to the above syrup to thicken the syrup. It also helps maintain moisture inside the gum. Pour into the gum alternately essential oil and CMC to prepare the syrup.

After preparing the coriander and cooling the gum is polished and white. So, when packing, it sticks to the paper. So they use polishers. A glasing agent, also known as carnobox powder, is a yellow powder used for this purpose. It also uses titanium dioxide to chew gum.After preparing the gum and polishing, sift it to separate the broken pieces and prepare for packing.

There are many factories that are active in producing Adams in Iran, but contact our experts to find out the best and best sellers.

Top 5 Brands of Gums

Bear gum:We do not know why the name “gum” is not a bear, milk, horse or other animal. Sweet and sweet Adam spent most of our childhood blowing this type of gum and competing with our friends to chew gum more. Gum with the design of a black bear whose decal was more popular than the gum itself. We hadn’t read the chewing gum yet, we were putting the decals on our hands with a spit on it, and we waited anxiously to see what the decals looked like. Of course, most of the time, the decals didn’t work out well, and they were half and half! Chewing gum still holds its own in the chewing gum market and has steady customers.

Banana gum:The chewy gum, which was yellow in color, was packaged in a six-pack. Chewing gum, which was later found in the market for strawberries, could never reach the popularity of its banana flavors. We still don’t know why the banana chewing gum was neither good-tasting nor lasting, and after a few minutes of chewing it hard, we still bought and enjoyed it! Exact information is not available from the manufacturer of the gum, written in English and Arabic, but said to be from South Korea! Rooster gum badge:Rooster gum also had its customers and its own world, a chewing gum that is said to have entered the market to compete with a chewing gum called parrot. The most important factor of the gum cocktail was the widespread advertising that made it easy to digest, easy to digest, slow digestion and increase intelligence with the motto of chewing gum, attracting Zidi customers.

Stylish gum:Chic chewing gum is one of the few old Iranian chewing gum that has survived and is found in grocery stores and supermarkets. The use of stylish chewing gum, of course, turns into more money and stupid money, and retailers give you a stylish chewing gum instead of the rest. Peppermint, eucalyptus, banana, peach, cinnamon, strawberry, etc. are all stylish and have their fans. Chewing gum:The leaf of this chewing gum was of a different shape and appearance, which became popular in packages of three and five with the appearance of the circulation, and many know it as the heart or hub. Chewing gum in red, green, blue, yellow, and … after a few minutes of chewing it to near zero and its stiffness like rubber. These tips, however, did not tempt us to go to the grocers again to buy gum and not buy a pack of them.

Famous Iran Gum Suppliers

Famous Iran Gum SuppliersChewing gum is a very good choice for use as a mouth freshener, with its non-sugary Iranian varieties being the most approved.Gum is one of the products that has an extremely high consumption not only in Iran but also in the world.Certainly no one would have thought of one of these cheeses being one of the best-selling products in the world. Chewing gum has many varieties and our country is very capable of making them.There are, of course, other factors that make shoppers more reliant on Iranian chewing gum. For example, the assurance of solvent raw materials in the manufacture of adhesives is one of the things that can be considered effective in this regard. Contact our experts for the best and largest Adams manufacturers in Iran and get advice from them.

Iran Mastic Gum Price List

The Mastic Gum Price List is updated every few hours and you can choose from a more accurate selection of gum prices to see the exact update time, shop online, compare the sellers price or track the gum price. Use different brand lists It is important to note that the price quoted for each chewing gum is the lowest price of the seller.

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