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saghez gum

The extraction of this gum requires special skills, which are performed by workers who have the necessary skills and expertise in this field. For nearly seven hundred years, these workers have been making grooves in the trunk of the tree in the summer, attaching bowls under the grooves to the tree, and after about a month, removing the gum from the trunk, which are collected inside these bowls, harvested and refined. The total volume of harvested products per year in Iran is 1,500 tons (1,500,000 kg). / 900).


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saqez gum11050100$
Boswellia sacra14080100$

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About Us


BENESHT Trading Company started its commercial activity in 1392 regarding the purchase and sale of raw turpentine juice. The company is located in Tehran and has offices in the western provinces of Iran to purchase the harvested crop. The company is the largest trading company currently with 300 employees in various sectors including purchasing, sales, accounting, warehousing, transportation and having extensive relationships with more than 10,000 workers in the field of raw turpentine juice extraction. They are working and buying and exporting a huge amount of harvested raw turpentine juice (about 60%). From the very beginning of the activity, in order to eliminate intermediaries and access to the harvesters of the crop, the company puts extensive cooperation with the workers who harvested raw turpentine juice at the top of its agenda. For centuries, local workers have struggled to harvest. Prior to 1392, due to the lack of a reliable and well-known shopping center, these workers offered their products to the market with concern about the lack of buyers and sales concerns, which started in 1392 with the start of BENESHT trading company and significant activity of the company in large purchases. The product offered by the harvesters and the determination of the base price for the product, effective measures have been taken to increase the production and quality of the product, so that now the workers have extensive activities in collecting the product and selling it with BENESHT company.

In addition to generating profits and revenue for itself, the company’s goal in doing this activity is to raise the living standards of workers and globalize the company, eliminate intermediaries to provide products with high-quality and reasonable prices, and direct and continuous communication with customers.

 Shareholder BENESHT Trading Company has more than 10,000 workers harvesting raw turpentine juice, with which the company has continuous communication and extensive working relationships with them to provide the required product with 100% pure quality.
The management of BENESHT Trading Company makes every effort to teach workers new methods and new principles in harvesting products, to help them in harvesting better quality products and to give buyers the guarantee that the products produced by this The company is 100% pure and natural, and all stages from product purchase to delivery, have quality control according to the product standard and reasonable price. This management accepts and evaluates any plan and proposal to improve the level of services provided by BENESHT.


Sales Manager

Eghbal Ashraf Poor

BENESHT Trading Company, with its extensive access and direct communication with more than 10,000 of these harvesters, annually collects a large part of the harvested gum or Turpentine and exports it to world markets. The huge volume of Turpentine juice harvested in Iran has been exported to neighboring countries, including Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, such as the United Arab Emirates, and to European and Asian countries that are the real buyers of Turpentine juice. Higher prices are issued.

Due to the fact that BENESHT Trading Company buys the product directly without intermediaries from the harvesters, so the product of this company is 100% pure and natural and lacks impurities or additives. Also, due to the elimination of intermediaries and the reduction of additional costs, the cost of raw turpentine for BENESHT Trading Company is lower and it can naturally sell at a lower price.

Turpentine juice, which is harvested in Iran, has medicinal, cosmetic, hygienic, edible properties and many industrial applications. Because it is warm and dry in nature, it is effective in treating constipation, cleansing the stomach, eliminating bad breath and polishing teeth. It digests food and is appetizing. It acts as an antibiotic and is used to treat stomach ulcers and eliminate Helicobacter pylori. It is good for the liver and spleen, lowers blood pressure and treats kidney stones.

This juice is used in the preparation of chewing gum, perfumes, fragrances, and in the pharmaceutical industry in the preparation of emollients, and disinfectants.

It is used in the plastics, shoe, leather, lacquer, paint, polymer and printing industries.

It is used as an emulsion in the preparation of adhesive oils, parquet and flooring.

Its derivatives are used in mineral oils, newspaper printing inks, cable oils, special paper industries, welding fluids, metal resins and ceramic paints.


The turpentine in raw turpentine has many uses in industry. Including perfumes, essential oils, and  medicines.

The goals and path of our culture

BENESHT Trading Company, as the largest supplier of Turpentine juice in Iran, states its main goals as follows:

Eliminate intermediaries and deliver the product from the original harvesters to its real consumers.

Providing Turpentine needed by real consumers with the best quality and lowest price.

Recognizing Iran as one of the major suppliers of Turpentine in the world.

About our services and products

We have the ability to supply the following products:

Raw turpentine juice is harvested without any interference.

Processed turpentine in the form of chewing gum, which is cooked in the traditional way.


The product packaging is provided at the request of the customer in different weights and dimensions in plastic, metal and other containers.

Product Delivery:

We can send the product to you in the country by truck and outside of Iran by ship from different ports in Iran or by plane.

Delivery Method:

The company is ready to deliver the product to you in groups F and C


Payment service:

We can work with you in cash, cash payment via TT (Telegraphic Transfer) remittance and payment through LC (letter of credit) all are available.


About the factory

The volume of raw turpentine juice harvested in Iran is 1500 tons per year and BENESHT Trading Company buys and collects the required product by its purchasing offices in the western and southwestern regions of Iran. Currently, a large number of these workers have cooperated with the company of about 10,000 people, who harvest about 800 to 900 tons of raw turpentine juice annually, and the company has no problem in providing the required product, according to requests. Out-of-complex workers are looking to increase their capacity to 1,200 tons per year. We are also implementing training programs for workers on better harvesting methods to improve the quality of the product according to the relevant experts and are researching to identify more and better scientific and laboratory methods on this raw turpentine juice.

Quality Control

The raw turpentine juice purchased by the company purchasing offices in different parts of Iran is inspected by the company trusted laboratories on a scale of one to five hundred to control the quality of the product 100% and complies with the product standards. The purchased product is delivered to BENESHT Trading Company.


Chart organization

At the head of the company is CEO Mr. Fereydoun Kamyab, who oversees the three departments of sales, purchasing, administration and finance. Email CEO of
The sales department is managed by the sales manager, Mr. Eqbal Ashrafpour, which includes sections such as sales, sending goods to the customer, and the like.
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The procurement department is managed by the purchasing director, Mr. Hossein Shirzad, whose purchasing offices operate in the harvest areas under his supervision.
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The administrative and financial department, under the supervision of the administrative and financial director, Mr. Sadegh Shams, includes departments such as accounting, warehousing, communication with workers, training of workers, and the like.
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