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BENESHT Trading Company is engaged in buying and selling a kind of tree gum. This gum is from a forest tree known in Iran as Van, Baneh and Wild Pistachio. The scientific name of this tree is Pistacia Atlantica and in English it is called Persian turpentine. This tree is native to the forested areas of Iran and most of its growth and distribution is in the northwestern, western and southwestern regions (Zagros mountain range). The gum harvested from this tree in Persian is called raw turpentine sap and in English it is called Turpentine and its export tariff code is 13019030. This gum is very light, thick and very sticky when harvested in green color, it has a special fragrance and after a while its color changes to yellow. This gum contains chlorophyll and 25% of it contains valuable and industrial turpentine oil. According to laboratory results and using gas chromatography, the major constituents of turpentine in raw turpentine juice are 85.5% Alphapinene, 3 / 6% Lionen and 2.6% Betapinin.


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The extraction of this gum requires special skills, which are performed by workers who have the necessary skills and expertise in this field.



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Product DescriptionMinimum OrderFOBPrice
saqez gum11050100$
Boswellia sacra14080100$

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